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Welcome to Silver Floret – a husband and wife owned small jewelry studio where a warm welcome awaits.

We are a couple of creators with decades of experience in different design fields, who ultimately joined their knowledge and passion to start something new entirely on our own. Vincenzo comes from an industrial design background, and Rumi comes from a digital design background. Initially, we discovered and explored jewelry making as a hobby, and then we both embraced it as the new focus of our lifelong dedication to design. Making fine and elegant objects with their own personality is something that we truly enjoy, and we tirelessly work on excelling at it.

We are makers, not resellers. Each piece you will find on our website and at our shop is designed, crafted, and photographed personally by one of us. We take great care and extra time to make even the simplest piece, hoping that every jewel we make will bring joy to the person that wears it.

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about us!