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Sakura Collection

Delicate and unique Sakura ring with tiny rose gold cherry blossoms over a snow white ceramic inlay.


Sakura Collection

The infinity Sakura ring with cherry blossoms scattered all around the band. A perfect Forget Me Not wedding ring band to wear every day.


Sakura Collection

The infinity Sakura ring in Rose Gold. Cherry blossoms and diamonds scattered all around the band.


Sakura Collection

The white five diamonds Sakura ring. Cherry blossoms and sparkling dew drops over a snow white ceramic inlay.

Classic Wedding Bands

We make all types of simple plain gold bands. Flat bands in any width or thickness, classic Domed wedding bands, and also ultra thin stackable Square bands or Full Round bands that are perfect on their own or as ring spacers. All ring bands are made to order, and available in all gold colors. We work primarily with 14K Gold but other gold karats, as well as Platinum and Sterling Silver, are also possible for some styles.

14K White Gold   10K, 14K, 18K Yellow Gold  14K Rose Gold

Custom Wedding Bands

Customize any aspect of your dream ring band! Get a 3D preview and printables for 1:1 confirmation.

Custom Ring Band Options

Let us help you create your own Custom Ring Band

Unique Designs

Choose a design and the band to apply it on. We can apply our designs to Sterling Silver, Tungsten, and Gold.

Beautiful Simplicity with a Personal Touch

Engraving a tiny symbol on a ring band turns it into a truly personal and treasured gift for yourself, or a loved one. A sparkling diamond is yet another elegant way to signify a special person, a milestone, or an important moment in your life. We would love to make something special just for you.

More Ways to Personalize Your Rings

We offer two types of ring engraving. The classic scribe engraving, and the contemporary laser engraving. Laser engraving could be done on either the inside or outside of a ring band. Popular inscriptions include initials, important dates, and meaningful quotes. We can also Laser engrave custom symbols and elaborate custom designs.

View our Engraving Service on Etsy  or  Design Your Own Custom Ring Band

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